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Before & After Good oral hygiene care can help your pets live a longer, healthier, happier life. Brushing your pets teeth is one way to help your pet maintain good teeth for life.
Dog Oral Hygiene The more we learn about our four legged friends, the more we learn that oral hygiene is just as important to our pets as it is to us. That means regular brushing and cleaning.
K9 Oral Health Care K9 & Feline Oral Health Care recommends you start brushing your pets teeth at an early age for a long life of good oral hygiene.

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“My name is TOTO I couldn’t have anaesthetic for teeth cleaning because of my advanced age. K9 & Feline Teeth Cleaning alternative has made me feel like a puppy again. I have super clean teeth and great breathagain. Thank You! ”

- Jeff Irwin


“I had Tina Bell clean my cats teeth and I couldn’t believe how relaxed my cat was in her care. His teeth came out so beautiful and it was amazing how much better my breathsmelled.”

- Nicole Balard



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K9 & Feline Teeth Cleaning provides affordable, portable anaesthetic free teeth cleaning for cats and dogs all around B.C. We also offer products that aid in the prevention of calculus & tartar buildup, and bad breath. Free brushing demonstrations for your pet are available on request.

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Bones and pet treats alone will not keep your pets teeth clean and healthy. Just like people, most domesticated pets need professional scaling, and polishing to keep their teeth in top condition. Horrible dog breath is often the result of gas given off by bacteria that lives in your pets mouth. The more bacteria your pet has in its mouth, the more severe the odor. Good oral hygiene care greatly increases the dreaded dog breath. Gum disease is a serious problem that can lead to even bigger problems